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what we can do for you?

Ruby on raıls

We can create easy and fast CRM solutions for your organizations. Easy, Flexible and Less Costs.


you will have professional and risk free CRM solutions as soon as possible. We can support all your way.


Creating estonishing web sites in days. You don’t have to wait for months. We have lots of solutions for you.


We have great ideas for your iOS and MacOS based applications.

About US

Let's design together everything about your Business
All applications that we developed are mobile friendly

We are developing what you need. We are testing different ways for security and stability about every line of your codes.

We expriencing every risks of your application before production. you are taking stabile and problem free applications

You will just have totally secure and well infrastructured project

  • Uptıme Guarantee
  • Accessıble
  • Mobıle


Professionals that Assist you while production
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Ahmet Murat CULHA

CEO – Managing Partner
Systems Administrator, Developer for 15 Years. Beta Tester, Motorbiker, HAM Radio Operator, Gourmet, Photograph Lover, Father of a Monster
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General Manager
Art designer, Creator of nice seeings, English Teacher, Mother of a monster.
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Muhammed Fazıl ATEŞ

Lead Designer
Head of Design and Programming, Designer for 5 years, Web Coder
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Management of EmlakOS
Real Estate systems expert, Creator of most RE based systems.

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